Crystal Clouds

Phase-Changing Architectural System
Architectural Association School of Architecture Design Research Lab
Year: 2011-2012
Tutors: Alisa Andrasek / Jose Sanchez

Crystal Clouds is a phase-changing architectural system that is embedded in and intrinsically connected to its ecosystem. It maintains an ongoing relationship with the surrounding ecosystem as it is continually adapts to the changing landscape. Generative computation is used to design an adaptive architectural implant responsive to specific topological, weather and similar host data. The input parameters of such a system are based in physical reality and include forces, material properties and real-time data about the site. These ideas are explored within the context of the arctic coastline, which is continually formed and reformed by environmental forces. The project acts as a catalyst for ice formation that wraps space in a protective cocoon. In response, ice and snow act as a main building material and form an incredible diversity of patterns and shapes, which are at once fragile and strong, translucent and opaque, plastic and rigid.